About me

My name is Nicola Birkin, and I work as a Specialist Practitioner in Eating Disorders in the NHS. I have been working in this role since 2010, but working in this area since 2002. I returned to the UK after completing my degree in Psychology, and working in Australia and New Zealand for two years.

I became interested in supporting individuals with Eating Issues when I began working at Vincent Square Clinic, an Eating Disorder inpatient unit in London. Over the next four years I gained vast experience of working with individuals with eating problems, before moving to Yorkshire.

Following two years of working in an acute inpatient setting for females I became a Specialist Practitioner in Eating Disorders in the Community, before moving to York.

My aims

It is apparent from my work, the impact that eating disorders and eating issues have on an individuls life. I am also very aware of the limited support that is available in this area, and my ultimate aim is to be able to provide support and guidance to a wider range of individuals. I believe that recovery from eating disorders, and disordered eating issues is possible with the right support, and I am passionate about helping individuals achieving this.

Credentials & Therapies

My Degree Certificate Qualifications are; PGCert Eating Disorders (including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy); Psychology BSc (Hons); Mental Health Nursing BSc (Hons).

My Professional qualifications are as follows; Certificate in ‘The Maudsley Model Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy for Treating Anorexia Nervosa’ (MANTRA); Certificate in ‘Specialist Supportive Clinical Management for Eating Disorders’ (SSCM Eating Disorders;); Certificates in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR & EMDR with Eating Disorders, Eating Disorders and the Ego); Certificate in Introductory Systemic Practice; Certificates in Counselling level One and Two. Certificate in Mindfulness.

Let’s build something together.

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