Testimonial from N.C

After 50 years of binging at moments of stress, going to countless slimming clubs, losing weight then always putting on more afterwards I decided to ask for professional help and started counselling with Nicola. With her help & guidance and with coping strategies put into place I have completely turned my food disorder around. I am eating more than I would at a slimming club but have been slowly losing weight (nearly 3 stone so far) and with far fewer cravings than I had before. If you, like me, have any type of food disorder and have had no meaningful help from the medical profession I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicola to start a new way of thinking about food – after all, she has turned my life around.

Testimonial from T.C.

I went to Nicola to try to understand more about my eating habits and how I could change these to feel better about myself. I found the sessions supportive but equally challenging. The sessions helped me to understand the ‘why’ and the when’ of my eating patterns and to differentiate between the times when I ate for comfort and the times when I should eat because my body needed the food for sustenance. As the sessions progressed, I gained a greater understanding of how the body works, the importance of regular eating, and the negative impact irregular eating and withholding food can have on my body. What I have come away with is a realisation that I am very much in control of my eating habits and I now well equipped to maintain this for many years to come.

Testimonial by S.O

I found everything about the sessions helpful, especially the fact we didn’t just have to focus on the eating aspect, we looked beyond that with each session. I found the hot cross bun technique and workbook extremely useful each day when my head would take over and make me think I needed food as a comfort. I was in a very bad place when I first started the therapy whereas now I have a better outlook on ‘diets’ and feel so much better within myself and have way more energy. I found the whole block of sessions extremely helpful and wouldn’t change a thing other than the time slots as I always made us run over.

Testimonial by Amy. B.

I have suffered with an eating disorder for over 16 years, but with Nic’s encouragement, support and patience, recovery has started to feel truly possible. It has been a difficult journey but with her support and guidance, I have moved from a place of feeling utterly trapped and without hope, to a place where life is now bigger than the illness. Slowly, I feel able to find more and more of myself again, and to develop tools and strategies which have helped me to help myself.

Something that I have appreciated about Nic’s approach is that she sees the person and not just the illness or the number on the scales, and has encouraged me to reach towards, and be motivated by my own personal goals and dreams.

She has gently guided me in gaining insight and understanding into my struggles with food and weight, and empowered me with the skills I have needed to face things that I am most scared of. These are skills I feel comforted in the knowledge that I will have for life, and bit by bit they are allowing me to gain freedom from fears I have never really thought that I could defeat.

Thank you Nic. Although I still have some of my journey to complete, I finally have the faith and confidence that I will get there, and feel grateful every day for the new freedom I am discovering along the way.

Testimonial by L.P.

I have worked with Nicola on and off now for a long time now, and I find her very easy to talk to.

It is clear that she has a lot of experience in working with people with eating disorders, as she is very knowledgeable around the subject.

I find Nicola to be very encouraging and motivating, she believes that everyone can recover and never seems to give up on anyone. It is also very reassuring to hear that she has witnessed people recovering from their Eating Disorders, because it is easy to give up hope when you have suffered with an Eating Disorder for a long time.

Also, I would add that Nicola is not scared to say things as they are! At first I hated this, but now I realise that this can be really helpful. Eating Disorders can be very sneaky and need this approach sometimes.

Nicola has been especially helpful during the panedemic and being able to have weekly video appointments has been a lifeline.

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